We have carefully categorized Entrepreneurship training into two major components.

  • Enterpreneurship Development and
  • Basic Enterpreneurship Management
This is to help for better understanding of how people can be best trained for a more effective and most efficient results in making them become business owners and managers with global competitiveness.


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The Entrepreneurship Development courses are for budding trainees, who do not have any employable skills at all. At this stage, efforts are made to instill in the trainees skills and competencies that will give them the ability to develop businesses and create employment for themselves and others.

Under this category, the following skill areas are available in our centre:

Available Courses
  1. Introduction to Entrepreneurship Development (Discovering Opportunities)
  2. Media Production Technology
  3. Digital Printing Technology
  4. Building Technology
  5. Waste Disposal & Management Technology
  6. Welding & Metal Fabrication
  7. Fashion Technology
  8. Event Management Technology
  9. Solar Power Technology
  10. Poultry Technology
  11. Fishery Technology
  12. Internet & Web Technology
  13. Laundry Technology
  14. Furniture & Wood Technology
  15. Electrical Technology
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The Entrepreneurship Management courses intend to equip the trainees with the right management skills to run and sustain their business so as to transform it from one-man business to an institution. This training is critical as research has shown that 90% of businesses set up after skill acquisition programmes do not last owing to lack of management skills.

The courses available are as follows:

Available Courses
  1. Introduction to Entrepreneurship Management
  2. Leadership Skills Essential in Business Management
  3. Sales, Marketing and Negotiation Strategies
  4. Basic Selling Skills & Relationship Management
  5. Effective Interpersonal Communication
  6. Presentation skills in Business
  7. Decision Making and Problem Solving
  8. Legal issues in Nigerian Business sector
  9. Taxation and Tax laws in Nigeria.
  10. Using Social Media Platforms for effective Sales
  11. Efficient Customer Service Delivery Strategy
  12. Strategies for Business Growth
  13. Human Resource Management
  14. Prudent Financial Record Keeping
  15. Business Planning Strategy & Development
  16. Business Ethics
  17. Personal Effectiveness and Development